Expert Tips For Lawn Care


As of the moment, unstable weather condition is among the common issues that homeowners are facing that destroy their lawns and gardens. For one, extreme heat could kill and burn plants and not to mention, this is also increasing the odds of fungal disease on your lawn. Not only that, rain which is known to be beneficial for plants may also result to serious damages most especially if rain is too strong. Because of strong rains, soil may erode that can expose the roots and weaken the plants. Strong winds can even cause damage to your plants and might affect its growth.

Due to this, there are more and more homeowners who are now looking for new ways on how to deal with these said conditions. Fortunately, Landscaping Ogden UT experts have cited some tips on how gardens and lawns can be protected from harsh weather conditions.

Tip number 1. Set up shades – among the things that any homeowner has to do to be able to protect their gardens is by setting up shades. When you are talking about shades, owners have wide selection from trees, simple items like shade cloth and hardscapes. These said items could provide protection towards extreme heat, wind and strong rain. In addition to that, some shades are adding value and appeal to the property.

Tip number 2. Keeping the soil health – another way of protecting gardens from the harsh weather condition is by keeping the soil healthy. Having healthy soil guarantees that it can deliver sufficient water throughout hot months. Apart from that, plants can grow with better roots that reduces the risks of erosion as well as allowing plants to be sturdier to assist them withstand strong winds and rains by having healthy soil.

Tip number 3. Providing enough nutrients – it is best as well to provide enough nutrients to your plants. This helps in keeping them healthy as they grow. When you are using mulch, you could give more nutrients like for example, mulch keeps the soil moist. And not to mention, mulch could protect plants from strong winds as it can cover your plants.

Tip number 4. Seek the help of experts – just in case that you’re having a difficult time with weather conditions or if you don’t have much time in doing the said tasks, then it is ideal if you will call in the pros. Yard Pest Control Bountiful UT experts will provide you the best services to assist you with your garden as well as turf deal with the harsh weather conditions.

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